Monday, February 20, 2012

PLEAAAAAASE Don't Go!!!!!!

Sure, everybody loves to be loved.  Maybe even more sadistically, we all assume (or even quietly hope) that we are irreplaceable as employees.  Yeah, it would be nice if we were so important that our soon-to-be former employers just crumbled under the pressure of carrying on without us.  But let's be goes on.

Nevertheless....employers still panic sometimes when the bomb drops that you are leaving the company.  That either results in a police escort out of the building...or....a counteroffer. Here is some additional wisdom from Danny Cahill and myself about counteroffers.  In is why you should never accept a counteroffer...even though we all secretly hope to get one.

Why you should never accept a Counteroffer:

1. Why did you have to resign to get a counteroffer? Weren’t you worth it before?

2. Where did the money come from? Is it just your next raise coming early?

3. Your loyalty will always be in question.

4. Your company will exact revenge by promoting someone else.

5. The feelings that made you want to leave initially will return once the heat of the moment passes.

6. You will regret lacking the courage to make the change you knew was best for your career.

7. Once trust is broken, it cannot be repaired. Nothing will ever be the same.

It's true people...just move on.  Yes it's wonderful to know that our employers love us.  Rather than offer you a counter...that just won't work out (industry statistics show that most employees that accept counteroffers are either fired or leave within 6 months), ask your employer to show their appreciation for  your work in the form of a good reference (written or verbal).  It's time for a change.

In the immortal words of George Costanza, "It's not's me".