Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Harper's Rules - a great book by Danny Cahill

I recently finished a great book for all recruiters and job seekers alike. Danny Cahill is one of the best recruiter and sales trainers that I've had the chance to listen to/read. You can check out his work at:

So, I found it easier for me to pick some of his techniques up by summarizing his character (Sr. Recruiter) Harper's Rules for job seekers. Here is a small slice for anyone thinking that it might be time to change jobs....or "get some feelers out".

Should you leave or should you stay?

1. If you are acting like you are leaving your job…then you are leaving your job. (taking calls/emails from recruiters, looking at job boards, posting resume, etc.)

2. If you were unemployed and had a chance to interview for the job you are already in…would you? Would you be interested in looking at other opportunities? (If you are staying at your job just because you are already in it, then you should leave.)

3. Was it ever what you really wanted? (Did you compromise when you took this job?)

4. If you didn’t have bills or obligations, would you stay at your job? (“Money is how adults keep score…it counts, but it doesn’t keep us happy.”)

5. Do you believe what they tell you at work? (Has your boss or employer lost your trust? If so, that is an obstacle you cannot overcome.)

6. Do you love your job, but feel uncomfortable in your company culture? (Cultures do not change…you either assimilate or leave.)

7. Are you staying because they “need you right now” or because you “can’t do that to your colleagues”? (Get over yourself…your company will not only survive, but thrive with someone in your seat who is happy at work.)

8. Has your body already told you to leave, but you are hard of hearing? (Pain is the way of demanding change.)

By a copy of the book here: